2017 Product Show
This year's show will be held on Wednesday,
September 13th. Our theme for the event will
be Pirate Treasure Island. If you're interested
in attending the event, please click here.

Product Recall
Pinnacle Foods has issued a voluntary recall on Aunt Jemima pancakes, waffles and French toast sticks due to potential contamination with Listeria. Please click the link below to see the affected items. If you have any of the listed products in your inventory, please work with your Labatt sales representative to document the number of cases for credit.

Aunt Jemima May 5, 2017

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TEXAS 20 Coop Timeline
 School Year 2017-2018 Timeline
Product Updates
Please see the Product Updates page under the Awarded Bids tab for all Product Updates.

Asian Food Solutions Commodity Pounds
Several CE's that have pounds remaining with Asian Food Solutions will be affected by TDA's agreement with Asian Food Solutions on reducing the over-all inventory to 12 months on hand or below. Please click on "Food Distribution Program" listed under the Commodities tab for more information. May 5, 2017